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You are a restaurant manager. You arrive at the restaurant ready to begin your day. You stroll over to your refrigeration unit to get some food for prep and immediately something does not seem right. The air in the unit does not feel cool enough. You check the thermometer and it is reading 44 degrees. If the thermometer is working correctly this would indicate the food in the unit is already in the danger zone (40-140). The unit is running, but no cold air is being generated. It is time to give North York Appliances Repair a call.Commercial Appliances

We service most any commercial kitchen appliances quickly and affordably. Our experts know that when food enters the danger zone there is no time to waste. In a restaurant it is not unusual to pull out the kitchen equipment at night for cleaning. Sometimes the units are accidentally unplugged, but since you can hear the unit running; this is not the issue in this case. The key here is not to wait until the temperature is in the danger zone too long. The warmer the unit becomes the worse the food will be affected.

Our appliance service technician will respond in a hurry to your restaurant, or any commercial location, to repair your refrigeration problems. Appliances Repair North York promises to seek out the most cost effective solution to your problem. Our technicians can detect problems fast and make the right repairs even faster than that. We make sure we always have the right tools and parts to do the job to the highest of standards.

Our experts also provide stove repair and freezer repair with the same focus and intensity. Our goal is to be the best commercial appliance service provider in town. If you are the manager of a restaurant, grocery store or any commercial location where commercial appliances are utilized; contact our commercial appliances staff in North York, Ontario for superior service you can trust.

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